Match Report
Stockport Grammar School 1st XI vs  St Bede's College, Manchester
On: Saturday, 14 Mar 2020
Venue: at Home

In what threatens to be the last game of the season thanks to Coronavirus, we hosted St Bede's in a game that can only be described as entirely one sided. We were the better side from the off as they just couldn't deal with the skill and intensity we brought to the pitch. An early corner from Flaherty connected with the head of Munaiwa who easily scored his first goal of the season. The second came soon after as Henry Walmisley went on a trademark snake-like run with the ball glued to his feet as he danced round their defence and into the box. A low left footed finish gave the poor keeper very little chance as the ball flew past his flailing arms into the net behind him. The third goal we scored was definitely a contender for goal of the season. Bowden was around 25-30 yards out when he lashed at the ball with venom and curve right into the roof of the net. If the keeper had little chance with the last one he had no chance with this one. The poor kid flung himself to the floor in his attempt to reach the ball but the power of the strike beat him well. With the score at 3-0, Mr Bowden brought on some replacements from our extended squad to give them a run out in the first team. Harry Dare came on for his debut just before the half finished. At half time, second team goalie Alex Lipniski came on to have his first taste of first team football and made a couple of excellent saves. Our fourth goal was scored by eventual man of the match Sam Rosser with a nice finish inside the box. Rosser also scored the fifth, however I unfortunately missed it as I was in the loo when it went in. Depending on who you ask, the goal was either a 40 yard worldie (Rosser's version of events) or another tap in from the 6 yard line (everyone else's version). They then scored their one goal of the game after Lipniski made a good save but the rebound was put in. Our sixth goal came amidst the intense battle for top scorer between Bowden and Walmisley. Both went into the game on 6 a piece but with Bowden on the bench and Walmisley on the pitch, it was Walmisley's chance to secure the prize (only if this turns out to be the final game that is). With Bowden jokingly cheering their goalie on, Walmisley broke through the defensive line and finished at the near post to give us our 6th goal and his 8th for the season, leaving Bowden behind on 7. The game finished with a 6-1 win in a game that by the end was a procession. Man of the match was Sam Rosser and well done to all of the debutants.