Match Report
Stockport Grammar School 1st XI vs  Wilmslow High School
On: Saturday, 07 Mar 2020
Venue: Away

After Wednesday's nice win over Crompton House, the 1st team travelled to Wilmslow High to pursue another victory and continue this good run of form. With one end of the pitch stricken by sun and a powerful headwind, winning the toss was important for the game. For only the second time all year, we actually won it, the first of many miniature victories throughout the day. The game started evenly and only some good defending and goalkeeping from both sides kept the score at 0-0 as the half time whistle blew. Stockport immediately came under pressure as the second half started with Wilmslow appearing the brighter side. Despite early second half chances, there was no big moment for Wilmslow as we defended stoically. With the wind with us now, we were able to get on the front foot more easily. We attacked down the left wing and won a freekick near the byline outside the box. Having scored from a corner earlier in the week, Harry Flaherty was the obvious choice from this angle. To their keepers disbelief, he whipped the ball right into the top corner to give us the lead. The last fifteen minutes were all Wilmslow. Their keeper was near the half way line booting the ball forward almost the whole time. Attack after attack we repelled with little threat to the goal and attempted to counter at every opportunity. With 4 minutes still to go in the game Dan Stevenson broke into their box and rounded their keeper expertly but unfortunately it took a bobble and he powerfully struck the ball against their defender on the line. From the resulting corner, we decided to take it short and keep it in the he corner to waste time. Clearly one of their midfielders was not happy about this and he dangerously cleared Bowden out from the back with a wild foot. Unsurprisingly earning him a red card and a yellow card for one of his teammates in the resulting handbags. We kept the ball in the corner once again and the ref finally blew for full time - the last fifteen minutes felt like a lifetime. Man of the match was Dan Stevenson as his work ethic off the ball was second to none and on the ball he created chances almost everytime. A brilliant 1-0 win for the Port.