Match Report
Stockport Grammar School Girls-U12A vs  Newcastle-Under-Lyme School
On: Saturday, 18 Jan 2020
Venue: at Home

The Netball U12A girls got off to a rough start with a delay off the frozen courts against Newcastle Under-Lyme.There was a change of plans with the timing off the match instead of 4 quarters they had 2 halves of 10 minute matches.The first half started off great with a turn over of the first centre and a shot by Amelie Joubert.Next we had some amazing interceptions from Annie Cooke, Lauren Storey and Amelia Blackely.Three minutes into the match the ball travelled down the court by Ava Perfect and Mia Brown.Then some more shots from Lily Courtney.

It was now the second half and Stockport was leading 4-0 the first centre was taken by Rosa Hughes and travelled down the court by Bella Evans and Holly Batey then passed into the D for a chance to shoot by Hannah Gall and Annie Cooke, they were great tries and so close but was not successful. A few minutes into the second half Newcastle Under-Lyme scored one goal and the score went up to 4-1 stockport! Another centre was taken by Newcastle and made it to the D but was quickly intercepted by Hepzibah Bangudu.The end of the match came with a result of 4-1 to stockport and player of the match to Bella Evans.Well played Stockport!

Written by Lily Courtney.